About Me

Josh Rivas is a world-class hairstylist and color specialist based in Santa Clarita. Clients from around the world book time with him to create and maintain their hairstyles.

Since he was very young, hair has been Josh’s life. He has always been fascinated by hair texture, color, and style. He grew up under the mentorship of his Uncle Fred, who worked as a hairstylist with the same coworkers and clients for his thirty-nine-year career. From the time Josh was very small, he spent as much time as possible watching Uncle Fred work his craft. Josh cherished this time and was mesmerized by the detail in each step. Uncle Fred would work on five to ten different clients at a time and they’d all have diverse personalities. Clients would come an hour before their appointment and stay all day and hang out. Josh started cutting his own hair as a seventh or eighth grader, and began cutting his friends’ hair soon after. Over time he developed unique techniques that separated him from other stylists.

Like so many top stylists in the industry Josh is mostly self-taught; however he has spent countless hours working under phenomenal hair designers and make-up experts. In addition, he invests in continuing education classes including the Keratin Complex (regular and instructor classes), at least one or two cutting classes to learn what’s new each year, and color classes for the “Enjoy” color brand as well as classes on the science behind the color. Josh could probably create a color from scratch because he knows all the ingredients involved.

Most of Josh’s inspiration comes directly from his clients. Within a few minutes of talking to each client, he can come up with the ideal overall look for them. A fair number of the pictures in his portfolio are from high-end photo shoots, but the bulk of his work is creating amazing everyday hairstyles and color for women and men that complement their features and lifestyle.

It is Josh’s passion to create the hairstyle, color enhancement, eyebrow shape and make-up selection that suits each person best.

To discuss a new look for you or to refine your existing look, call (661) 888-4783, call or text Josh directly at (661) 993-9588 or email Josh at josh@getjoshed.com.